Printed Books (SEs)

Printed Books Standards

Printed books come on a variety of materials, ranging from customized propietary texturized paper to fine arts print paper, including forgery-proof paper. Books are printed either using digital or offset printing systems, depending on the specific title to be reproduced.

In some cases we use non-standard self-formulated liquid inks which are then applied on the respective substrate using a technique that guarantees an homogenous color application. Color characteristics and ink stability is certified by the QA department.

High quality machinery and procedures are used all along the production process up to the final cutting and binding. When third-parties are required for a specific book, we rely only on PSO-certified partners. Process Standard Offset (PSO) is the description of a standardized method for the production of printed products for industry application and complies with the international ISO 12647 standard series.

Please feel free to contact us in case you need more details about our production standards.

CSS Books Standards

Aureum Linguae adheres to the CSS Books Standards as often as possible. The CSS Books Standard is the specification defining features often used when printing books or magazines.Though the specification is in the process of establishing itself in, the major part of it has been interoperably implemented and is in daily use by publishers. Please refer to WhatWG to review the current status of the specification.

Printed books are provided with the following standard formats using third-party services:

Cover stock Finishes Text stock Formats Binds
220gsm board
140gsm coated PPC covers
Matt or gloss laminate 70gsm Enso Creamy
80gsm bond
100gsm bond
90gsm Munken Bookwove
100gsm coated
130gsm coated
PPC case
stamped cloth with dust jacket
saddle stitch
notched bind
wire-o bind
lay-flat bind

The Ordering Process

Due to the very nature of the books we sell, the specific features of the books, and the complex production process, it is expected from the customer an understanding of the specification details. Once the customer places an order via email our sales department will come back to the customer with a complete description of the final product. If the customer is satisfied with it, the order is taken as firm and the production process for that particular book is initiated.



We distribute worldwide. Shipment costs are arranged with the customer during the ordering process.