Aureum Linguae Publishing Company

Aureum Linguae publishes books according to our specific publishing process and specification. What we offer the customer is an electronic deliverable, in the form of a file, which can be printed later on using paper sheets of a uniform size, except in those cases in which the product relates to a On-Demand (OD) edition which can use non-uniform sizes.

Should the customer require a physical copy of the book, we go through a print-on-demand process which ends with a shipment of the physical book to the customer once payment has been accepted. The manufacture process is run through a third party in order to offer our customers a simple, quick and easy-to-use online web service allowing you to order and print the selected publications on demand. Turn-around times to service an order for physical books do vary depending on the book purchased, the number of copies, the binding, the paper size, and on whether non-standard specifications are to be applied.

For electronic books the process is as simple as placing an order and receiving the download link, once payment has been accepted. In this case, the preferred format is portable document format (PDF) at 300 dpi, which can later on be printed by the customer. Printable electronic books have the advantage of a lower price compared with the physical book, though it is the reponsibility of the customer to print the book. The electronic book is produced according to the detailed specifications which are amenable for typesetting.

Our current catalog includes rare books, which have been thoroughly scanned, coded, and curated by our staff, and a subset of books provided to us via Forgotten Languages Organization (FL, Org.), with whom we have established a cooperation agreement starting October, 2017. The subset in the FL, Org. collection includes rare grimoires, gnostic treatises, works on sufism, books on alchemy, and herbals.

We also produce books on demand according to customers' specifications, using proprietary advanced digital typographical and typesetting systems which include font design, scanning of manuscripts, and facsimile reproduction. Contact us for more information.